IT Outsourcing | Over a Third of London-Based Businesses Outsource their IT Support

The term “IT Outsourcing” refers to a business using external service providers to deliver IT-related processes, services, projects as well as infrastructure. IT support companies, such as Astec IT, assist companies by taking full responsibility for all IT-related maintenance, support, and consultancy. When organisations choose to outsource their IT to a fully managed service provider, they often have the option to enjoy 24/7 IT support (fully managed IT support) as well as strategic advice that aligns with the organisation’s IT and business goals.

In contrast to fully managed IT support, some companies choose to only outsource certain areas of their IT or rely on external providers for additional support alongside their internal team. The so-called Co-managed IT support is more common in large enterprises.

Within Astec IT, you have the option of choosing which areas you would like to outsource. Therefore, we offer both fully managed and co-managed IT services.


Which IT Services are Usually Outsourced?

The following list describes areas which are commonly outsourced:

– Day to Day IT Support

– Cloud and Office 365

– Networks and Communications

– Infrastructure and Systems

– Cyber Security

– IT Consultancy

Outsource vs. In-House IT Solutions

The alternative to IT outsourcing consists of hiring an in-house IT manager and/or technicians. With the right IT knowledge and experience, the team will likely alleviate IT problems and boost productivity. However, hiring in-house can be extremely time consuming and costly in comparison to outsourcing IT. With an in-house team, you are responsible for keeping their knowledge up to date. As IT is a complex and specialist field, continuously training staff on the latest trends could costs your team a great deal of time and money.

Alternatively, if you decide to outsource your IT with a reliable IT service provider, all of those issues will be dealt with by a team of experienced professionals. These specialists will receive continuous training with the latest industry developments and companies will receive accreditations which reflect these achievements. Here at Astec IT, we have been awarded the latest ISO 27001 full accreditation in 2020. Additionally, we also hold the full ISO 9001 accreditation. The accreditation demonstrates that we know our own business as well as our client inside out. Astec IT takes time to get to know your business and its specific needs, so you can expect fully tailored and personal IT support. We work alongside your team and towards your business goals as if we are part of your company.

Why Should I Consider IT Outsourcing?

Below you can find some of the benefits of signing up with an IT service provider such as Astec IT for your IT outsourcing:

1. Gain the Support of an Experienced and Proactive Team

We at Astec IT have updated industry knowledge which will be invaluable when it comes to solving business issues, streamlining processes, maximising security, and growing your business.

2. Control Your Costs

Outsourcing your IT with Astec will enable you to establish a clear technological roadmap as well as outline budgets, projections, and other costs that can be expected over the coming years. One of our internal targets is helping clients with their cost optimisation.

3. Focus on Your Core Business

By being able to worry less about ongoing IT issues and by reducing downtime, you and your team will be able to spend more time focusing on business strategy and growth.

4. Reduce Risk

Outsourcing your IT will open the door to a multitude of cybersecurity expertise. By working together with our highly trained IT engineers, you will gain the best insights into how to protect your business from internal and external security threats.

5. Leverage Expertise

By becoming an Astec IT partner you will have access to technical expertise which will assist you with planning a strategy and help your business get ahead of your competition.

6. Boost Productivity

Astec IT believes in using the advances of technology to increase productivity by reducing downtime and ensuring the team can work as efficiently as possible.

How To Choose The Right IT Partner?

In such a competitive market, finding your ideal IT support service provider can sometimes be a long and confusing process. With so many firms promising the same, how can you spot the difference?

Here’s a list of things to consider before choosing an IT partner for your company:

1. Not “One Size Fits All”

We offer a personal and customised approach for all of our clients as you need a supplier who will listen to the needs of your business and adapt accordingly.

2. Reliable

You will want an IT support provider who lives up to their promised response time and provides effective solutions to each problem. With an immediate response time via a phone call and an under 10 minutes response time for emails, we are there to support you straight away.

3. Industry Knowledge

Having an IT partner who is experienced in your industry will give you an advantage as they have already gained special insights. Get in touch with us to find out more about the companies and industries we have worked with and how we can support your business. All our engineers are trained and certified on various technology subjects such as Security, Cloud, Networking, Infrastructure and most importantly, Customer Service.

4. Proactive

Make sure the IT department you choose listens to your business goals and can proactively suggest technology that aligns with them as well as your goals. Ensure the company has the right tools in place that monitors your infrastructure so they can forecast potential issues.

5. Positive Response to COVID

Becoming the client of an IT support provider that has delivered effectively, emphatically, and supportive during the coronavirus pandemic is important. Find out more about how Astec IT approached the challenges of 2020 here.

6. Jargon Free

Ensure the IT specialists speak the language of a non-IT person to ensure your staff understands their suggestions and is able to gain important everyday IT skills.

Additionally, it is crucial that you take your time to speak with the Technical team that is going to be assisting you on a daily basis. Far too many times does a Sales Representative promise results and creates expectations that might be unrealistic. By speaking with the Head of Technology you will have a more realistic idea of what service you are signing up to and the benefits you will be gaining.

If you are interested in learning more about how IT outsourcing and Astec IT can alleviate problems and adds value to your business, please get in touch with us.

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