Business Continuity

We support business continuity through managing and delivering tools and services at cloud scale with built-in security. Goal for Astec is to achieve greater business connectivity and agility. The three key elements are resilience, recovery and contingency.

Whether it is hardware or software – technology and the infrastructure they can create is constantly evolving. Your IT estate can be reviewed and improved continually too. Businesses often make ad hoc IT decisions, but can benefit from an insightful strategy and management. The true cost of a company’s IT infrastructure estate is often undervalued.

Need some help with backups and business continuity?

We have proven experience in maintaining critical business functions after an emergency or distruption. These events can include security breaches, natural disasters, power outages, equipment failures and many more.

Despite your best efforts, it is impossible to predict disaster or downtime. Just like the Pandemic in 2020, which impacted many businesses to operate seamlessly when the world was pretty much at a stand still. That is why it is crucial to be prepared for such events, so you can continue business operations no matter what is thrown at you.

Our backups and disaster recovery solutions are tailored to your requirements and our team will ensure you have minimal downtime and maximum flexibility to operate in the event of any disasters.

Business Continuity FAQ

Astec has dedicated engineers that can maintain physical IT infrastructure, as well as upgrade and improve networks. Astec can offer an extensive range of support services to keep your business running smoothly.

We can conduct a complete assessment of your business strategy to work out which IT strategy will  best meet your needs. By having a well managed ' discovery and planning' phase, our objective is to improve  your business productivity by ensuring that you're IT network and infrastructure are stable and  secure.  We are able to mange the whole lifecycle process from discovery, to planning, to implementation. We will also support you by managing all maintenance, and upgrades on an ongoing basis.

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