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The risks and threats associated with data and security breaches have the potential to severely impact company reputation, operations and finances. These threats are diverse and are constantly evolving; ranging from regular ‘phishing’ emails to larger scale network and data hacks. Our experts will implement and manage the best perimeter defense technologies to ensure you are safe and secure.

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Each organisational work-flow is unique. We work closely with our partners on their security policies and processes. We consult and identify solutions and strategies across all devices (including mobile and tablets) to enhance compliance and security across the organisation.

Cyber Crime is constantly evolving, and new types of threats are always on the rise. If you are interested, please book in a 15 Minute FREE call with one of our Security experts. Following the call you will receive a checklist that will clearly identify the 30 items to secure your business.

You may choose to implement and address the concerns yourself, or our team is here to help you every step of the way!

Cyber Security FAQ

Mobile device management uses software for companies to manage, secure, support, and track mobile devices for work. We can integrate company-liable and personal devices. We have developed solutions that connect, and manage all company laptops, tablets, and their operating systems.

A good cyber security strategy focuses on protecting the identity, devices in and out of the office, all company data, and how to protect, detect and respond to potential breaches. Astec have helped companies in sectors as varied as legal, finance, retail, and publishing. to run secure IT networks

Here is a list of the main ways your company can be affected by cyber crime.

Spyware/adware -installed on your computer when you open attachments, click on links or download infected software .

Phishing – gets users’ data by pretending to be a legitimate company or organisation.

Trojan Virus – a program that seems to perform one function but actually carries out a malicious activity when executed.

Ransomware – a kind of malicious program that demands payment after launching a cyber-attack on a computer system. This type of malware has become very popular among criminals and costs organisations millions of pounds every year .

Worms – are self-replicating and don’t need to attach themselves to a computer program. They constantly look for system weaknesses and report these back to the worm author when they are discovered.

Cyber criminals also use a number of different paths to get into computer networks to infect the system or steal data: 

Pharming – redirects a website’s traffic to a fake website where personal or company data can then be stolen.

Drive-by – random attacks against specific weaknesses within a computer system.

Man-in-the-middle - a cyber-attack where a middleman impersonates both parties in a transaction and then manipulates both victims     

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