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Making businesses more efficient and flexible by using leading-edge Cloud services. We take care of planning, implementing, administering and supporting your whole IT Infrastructure.

Our aim is to ensure businesses have undisrupted services, giving them everything required to operate effectively and flexibly from anywhere in the world. This has opened up an opportunity for company’s to have access to a Global Talent Pool.

Our team in the UK have experience and knowledge across various public cloud platforms including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Embrace Technology

Book in a call with our Cloud Solutions engineer to learn how this can help increase speed, services, security and visibility in your business.

Cloud Technology FAQ

Working in the cloud can benefit your business in lots of ways: flexible working capabilities (working from home); instantly scalable resources; increased security; and faster performance to name a few. Astec can consult with you, to determine an IT strategy that makes the best use of cloud technology

Astec specialise in IaaS and PaaS. We can integrate reliable, proven cloud-based solutions from world-leading providers like, Microsoft, Google and Amazon EC2 and AWS into your business – seamlessly and with minimal disruption.

A well-designed cloud security strategy 'vastly reduces' the risk of cyber attacks (please note you can never be 100% assured, as hackers will find new ways to hack - leading to a period of catch up - a bit like digital cops and robbers). cloud computing is often more secure than on-premises computing. Cloud providers have more resources for keeping data secure than individual businesses, which lets cloud providers keep infrastructure up to date and patch vulnerabilities as soon as possible. A single business may not have enough resources to perform these tasks consistently.

There are cloud-based pay as you go options that allow you to pay only what you use rather than buying out hardware and stuck with it long term. We can help you in figuring out what is the best option for your company for now, and going forward.

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