Technology Upgrade | How Often Should Your Business Upgrade Its Technology?

Investing technology upgrade is important, but when it comes to investing in new technology there tend to be two camps of people: those who are always on the lookout for the newest tech to innovate with and those who wait until the device is broken to replace it.

Investing in new tech can be very expensive but at some point in the future your IT is going to become outdated making it a bad fit for your business. As time goes on you will find yourself outgrowing your ageing software and hardware. Below you can find the five signs that it is time to upgrade your technology.

Technology Upgrade

1. Performance Is Going Down

It is common for hardware to slow down with age. As more software is added or upgraded, performance tends to decrease. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in those 24% of companies which hold onto their hardware for seven or more years.

Watch out for: Laptops, computers and phone slowing down as well as applications crashing, internet browsers becoming sluggish and web pages loading times going up.

2. Operation Costs Are Going Up

This might be something paradox but one of the best ways to reduce your ongoing IT operation costs is by reducing the usage of outdated technology which is likely to be requiring more resources to maintain. Therefore, a technology upgrade might be cheaper than the cost of maintenance.

Watch out for: Having an increasing need for IT support to come to your rescue as well as failing tech not only reducing your employee’s productivity but also costing a lot of downtime.

3. Employee Frustrations Are High

IT problem can be a pain to deal with and if something is not actively helping your employees do their job, it is holding them back and reducing their overall productivity. A disconnect between the type of technology your employees choose to use and what they have to use at work is a sign that it is time for a technology upgrade.

Watch out for: Employees being vocal about their frustrations is the most obvious one, but even if they are not, finding your employees working around company processes or finding shortcuts to get their work done is a good indication.

4. Your IT Struggles To Adapt To Changing Demands

Your technology decides how your employees’ work. If your technology is preventing you from being agile in responding to new opportunities, demands or requests as a company, it could be slowing down your growth. This means you should quickly move towards a technology upgrade.

Watch out for: When situations outside of your control change and you do not have the infrastructure in place to facilitate the change, such as needing your employees to work remotely during a pandemic.

5. High Exposure To Security Threats

One of the most pressing reasons to invest in new IT technologies for your business is to keep on to of its cybersecurity. Running older systems comes with even bigger security risks and ageing technology is more vulnerable to attacks when hardware, firmware or operating systems stop being supported.

Watch out for: When your hardware stops being supported by software upgrades it usually is time to invest in new hardware and a technology upgrade. Older computers, for example, are unlikely to support newer operating systems and leave you open to the newest security threats. This is especially important to avoid when handling sensitive customer data as a lack of security updates means your company is easy prey for cybercriminals trying to steal your customer’s information.

Where To Start When Deciding To Upgrade Your Technology

If you are still unsure if it is time for a technology upgrade, ask the following questions:Does my staff feel handicapped by the IT they are using?

– Are your business-critical systems still supported by their manufacturers?

– Are you able to apply the latest security patches to your software?

– Are you using industry-standard technology?

– What technology are your competitors and market-leaders using?

If the answers indicate that your technology is a hindrance rather than a help, then it is time to invest your money into new technology rather than maintaining your existing systems.

IT Support Service

Your IT support service provider is supposed to regularly come by your office and advise you on new systems that can support your business and prevent old technology from becoming a hindrance. If that is not the case or you are looking for further information on how to improve your current IT set-up, contact us now to get a free consultation regarding your IT infrastructure.

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